Haiwan is widely working in the large hoisting projects of infrastructure such as highway,  high speed railway passenger station, bridge, cultural and sports venue, airport and city subway and light railway. 
It is the trend that the concrete beam and steel structure will be produced in the factory, and assembled on the site. These kinds of products would be heavier, higher and larger, which requires the large crane. Haiwan has close cooperative relationship with the engineer contractors such as China Road and Bridge Corporation,  China Railway Construction Corporation,  CRECCL and China Construction. Haiwan maximally meets the customers' requirement by the hoisting equipment across the country and exquisite construction technology.
Service items:
●Preformed unit hoisting of concrete and steel structure 
●Hoisting in highway, high-speed rail, overhead bridge, beam plate and wire frame
●Large steel structure hoisting in cultural and sports venue
●box girder and tunneling machine hoisting in urban railway system construction (subway and ligh rail)
●Steel structure and equipment hoisting in the construction of airport and sea port
●Foundation treatment of the super highrise building
Haiwan Hoisting in the world