The company provides the hoisting service for the steel structure modularization in the construction of the offshore oil drilling platform.
The energy exploitation in each country is gradually from the land to the ocean, from the shallow sea to the deep sea. Haiwan provides the hoisting service for the marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry. The hoisting equipment is distributed on the eastern and southern coast. This construction is full of challenge and risk, which has rigorous requirement for the equipment. The construction team of Haiwan gains the high recognition of marine engineering enterprises, such as Penglai Jutao, Chiwan Shengbaowang and Yantai Raffles.
Service Items:
●Large hoisting equipment rent
●Offshore wind power assembly
●Large sunken vessel salvage
●Offshore drilling platform production and assembly
●Subsea pipeline laying
●Large ship and tank hoisting
Haiwan Hoisting in the world