Environment and Health
The company strictly follows the national laws and regulations in terms of the safety, health and environment, hand in hand with all parties to create a safe and healthy working environment. The company focuses on the safety, health, environment, quality, process and cost, and considers the safe work method firstly in drawing the plan. All staff studies the policy and target of quality, environment, and occupational health and safety (HSE), and implements them seriously to achieve the policy and target of the company, improving the client satisfaction.
1.Quality target
  ①100% acceptance of project completion at one time ;
  ②Client satisfaction ≥90%, and increasing rate of each year ≥2%. Reach the client satisfaction ≥96% in three years
2.Environment target
  ①The noise and emission reach the standard;
  ②Reduce the dust in construction site maximally;
  ③The treatment of the solid waste meets the laws and regulations;
  ④Zero complaint of resident disturbing during the construction per year.
3.HSE target
  ①Zero fire disaster or explosion accident;
  ②Zero death or serious injury accident, no more than 0.2% of slight injury per year;
  ③Zero important communicable disease morbidity

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