Safety First
Life Supremacy, Safety First
Safety in production, all lose. Safety is the lifeline of enterprise development, is each enterprise firewall, is a happy family, the solid foundation on which individual ideal and social harmony. Strengthen safety in production, is a breakthrough at the core of the interests of the key, the key is to carry out the safe production responsibility, strengthen the awareness of production safety is the most fundamental. Harmonious healthy enterprise, we need to attach great importance to production safety, strengthen conscientiously the work of security and real with conscience, the conscience and good for life.
Safety is a benefit. The modern significance of safety in production is that it along with the prosperous development of human and harmonious progress, basic connotation is that it decides the success or failure of business and benefits. Any industry, any work, once security is lost, there is no any benefit at all. We can't again after the accident of "if only" too late ", "and take safe production as one of the biggest benefits, the interests of the largest, the biggest pursuit, closely linked to career development prospect and destiny, balanced and solid pays special attention to.
Safety is a responsibility. Enterprise shoulders the hope of employees; Is the enemy of safety accident and the accident is the killer of happiness. Every industry, every kind of professional of the most basic responsibility, the first responsibility, is to ensure the safety of people's lives and property. Lack of security, any promise is false, any development is futile, any result is empty talk, the one-sided pursue benefit maximization, can only lead to more risk, more casualties, more pain. Therefore, to guarantee the safety in production is the duty of every one of us.
Safety is an attitude. "Welfare dependency, begets blessing". Safety and accidents, that accompanies give up vigilance, neglect of paralysis, dangerous will uninvited; Strengthen alert, beforehand prevention, accident will quietly away. A seemingly unlikely accident happens, it's all neglect the accumulation of at ordinary times. Work "to get rich is one thousand days, poor" disaster day, only firmly establish a strong safety consciousness, consciously abide by regulations of production safety, to the full implementation of security measures, overhaul a safe hidden trouble, really in to protect themselves to protect others, caring in love others.
Security is a kind of experience. "Warning, if the teacher." Wise men experience to prevent accident, fools with accident summing up experience. Blood lessons already provides a large amount of experience, the prevention of accidents has rules and regulations for safety production. We should firmly establish the idea of accident prevention, safety, and attaches great importance to production safety, strengthen safety supervision, safety production would like to in the heart, dry on the hand, implement in action, increase investment in production safety, equipment safety production facilities, a comprehensive screening potential safety hazard, ensure safety in production.
Security is a kind of capital. Security as the intangible elements of enterprise production, is a can create the value of value. Safety input is far less than the accident losses, pays special attention to the work safety, reduce accidents, can effectively save the cost, and increase the profit of the enterprise, can provide greater development space for enterprises. Security is a kind of credit capital, it is able to attract talents, retain resources, win the trust of users, become an industry standard, the occupation of the market, leading the direction flag held.
The supreme life, safety first, we must adhere to iron wrist, iron discipline, iron the heart, will be caught to catch production safety, safety check check, security discipline strict again yan, the security responsibility to carry out the implementation of again, one thousand party hundreds to ensure foolproof security development.

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