Quality credit centered, Management innovation standardized
Control the construction pollutant, Focus on the safe production
Show Haiwan brand, honesty and law-keeping model
Deliver the satisfying project, Constant improvement and development
The company focuses on the production technology, and development and application of new technology, method and material, and enhances the management of health, environment, and occupation health safety and HSE system. Thus the company develops in the furious competition.
1.Follow the national laws and regulations. Communicate with the clients to get the clear requirement and expectation of the clients, and reach their satisfaction through the product quality.
2.Establish the culture management system and confirm the management policy and target which are applicable for the company. All staff is required to focus on the client requirement, and realize the policy and target of quality, environment, and occupation health safety and HSE system.
3.Decompose the target and configure the necessary resources to guarantee the normal operation of the management system, improving the product quality gradually.
4.The company communicates internally to increase the quality awareness of all staff, who can attend the activities of improving the product quality actively.

Haiwan Hoisting in the world