With the registered capital of 61.91 million yuan and location of Zibo,Shandong Haiwan Hoisting Engineering Co., Ltd. owns more than 100 units of 50-2000 ton crawler cranes and truck cranes, with the total hoisting capacity of 46,000 ton and total power of 53,000KW. Haiwan headquarters covers the area of more than 130 Mu.
With the Work Safety License and special engineering contracting qualification, Haiwan is the hi-tech enterprise in Shandong, member of mobile crane technical committee of national hoisting machinery standardization committee, and the member of China metallurgical association and China electric power construction association. The company passes the authentication of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system, GBT/T28001 health safety management system, Q/SHS0001.1 health, safety and environment management system. Haiwan is one of the strongest hoisting engineering enterprises in China.
Haiwan has one wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinjiang Haiwan Large Equipment Hoisting Co., Ltd. and five sub-companies, North-west sub-company, Shenyang sub-company, Wuhan sub-company, Guangxi sub-company and wind power sub-company. The hoisting project is distributed all over the country; applying in state power, petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, metallurgical construction, ocean engineering and aerospace engineering; airport, high-speed rail, port, bridge, subway, city railway and theatres & stadiums.
Haiwan has a perfect management structure, adopting single-legal person system, managing the staff, property and materials, and establishing the management system of clear ownership, clearly defined rights and responsibilities, scientific management and normal operation within the company. With the service tenet of Customer First, Honesty Based and operation concept of Safety and service first, winning credit and profit, Haiwan provides the professional hoisting service for each industry. Since the establishment of the company, Haiwan has done more than 1,000 hoisting projects.
Haiwan has attended the plant establishment or upgrading projects of Yanshan Petrochemical, Qingdao Oil Refining, Golmud Refinery, Maoming Petrochemical, Qilu Petrochemical, Wuhan Ethylene, Yizheng Polyster, Dushanzi Ethylene, Yumen Refinery, Fushun Ethylene and Jilin Chemical; power plant establishment or upgrading projects of Yangquan power plant, Zibo power plant, Jinchang power plant, Tongchuan power plant, Qianjiang power plant and Kashi power plant; marine equipment and ship manufacturing projects of CNPC marine drilling platform, CNOOC offshore drilling platform, Daewoo Shipbuilding and Wuchang Shipbuilding, etc.
As the industry-university research cooperation base of Dalian University of Technology, Haiwan develops the organization innovation and hoisting innovation and gains more than ten patents of new application, one invention patent, six software copyrights, settling the issues in the hoisting construction and improving the hoisting safety and efficiency; Haiwan undertakes the integrated hoisting projects in Luxi Chemical, Baofeng Energy, CNOOC Hainan oriental fine chemical, and Yankuang Erdos carbinol, improving the work progress, and saving the project cost.

Haiwan Hoisting in the world